Monday, August 31, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 31st August 2009

* 12th Japan Exhibition:
Last week, Chiang Mai Ratchaphat University, Japanese Program had and event of the 12th Japanese Exhibition at Central Airport Plaza. Featured to acknowledge for art and culture of Japan such as Music, paper folding, game and painting.

* Book Fair Festival:
Last week at The National Library of Chiang Mai there was a Book Fair Festival. In this fair, there were a lot of people who love reading with many activities such as Book Sale, creative paper cutting, and drawing. Good reading is a great wisdom. The more you read the more you open your world.

Tuk-Tuks in Thailand

No self-respecting photo gallery of Bangkok would ever be complete without showing at least one photo of Tuk-Tuks.

These 3-wheeled motorbikes are used as a mode of public transportation in major cities throughout Thailand, much like you would use a taxi. Tuk-tuks in Thailand are named so because of the sound that their engine makes.

To read the full article about "Tuk-Tuks in Thailand" please click the link.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dokmai Garden
- Food for Mind and Body!

Dokmai Garden is a new venture that has recently opened it’s doors in Chiang Mai, Thailand and aims to offer a gastronomic feast for both your body & mind!

Situated in southern Chiang Mai (in the Hang Dong district), Dokmai Garden covers 24 rai (4 hectares, 10 acres), and displays 800 tropical plant species,130 edible plant species, and a pond containing 25 types of Mekong fish.

The garden itself is the brainchild of the Seehamongkol family, and on any given day you could bump into members of at least three generations of the family around the gardens.

To read the full article about Dokmai Garden,Chiang Mai please click here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 28th August 2009

* Wat Chedi Luang:
Even today some 450 years after being damaged severely in an earthquake, Wat Chedi Luang stills cuts an imposing figure across the Chiang Mai skyline.

This temple is also home to the "Pillar of the City",a totem used in ancient Thai fertility rites, because the temple itself marks the exact center of Chiang Mai.

The tree is inhabited by a guardian spirit known as "Prueksa Thevada", an all knowing sage. The Inthakhin Festival fertility rite lasting for 7 days takes place each year during the months of May or June.

This observance ensured unity within Lanna society gave protection from siege and warfare and made certain that the rains would fall at the proper time so that farmers’ crops would be abundant in the fertile fields. Rumour has it that IF the tree should ever die or be removed, Chiang Mai will suffer a disaster of biblical proportions!!.

* Khao Lam:
Khao Lam is the sticky rice, mixed with coconut milk and grilled in a bamboo trunk. There are different recipes. You can use either black or white sticky rice. Some will also have black beans. The white in this picture is egg custard. This dessert is flavoured with coconut milk & is utterly delicious!.

* Tour Business & Guide Conference:
The Office of Tourism Development in cooperation with Tourist Business and Guide Register Office, Ministry of Tourism and Sports will handle for a conference of 4 regions to clarify the standard of tourist business and guide.

The conference for North region will be taken place at Chiang Mai University on September 4th 2009.Please either visit Their Website or call Tel No. 02-259-8595-7.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Thursday 27th August 2009

* Google Seminar:
Last Saturday, Openchiangmai attended the Seminar under the topics "Welcome E-Business World", "Social Media Marketing" and "Google… I’m Feeling Lucky". In this seminar, it was an honor from many famous experts; Porntip Gongchun, Marketing Director of Google Thailand, Aphisit Trunganon, deputy secretary general for Thailand Webmaster Organization, and Trawut Luengsomboon, Managing Director of Infogination Com. This seminar was interesting for students, business owners, shops, spa, hotel and people from Chiang Mai. Follow up the next seminar from their website at the I.T.For City website.

* Jaran Monophet Memorial Concert:
Jaran Monophet was Art & Culture Project in-cooperation with many organizations invites you to memorize the song of Jaran Manophet. The famous Folk Song artist from Chiang Mai. Enjoy the nice music from Suntaree Weachanon, Patinya Tangtrakul, Mai Muang,and many other Lanna singers. In that day, you can remind with the exhibition to show the famous work collection of Jaran Manophet and get free CD of his Master Piece. Jaran Manophet Memorial Concert will take place at Chiang Mai Cultural Art Center, Nimmanhaeminda Rd. On September 3, 2009.

* Video Contest 2009 by T.A.T:
Sharing your own fantastic Thailand travel video for worthy prize!.

If you have any amazing Thailand videos, share it and stand an even better chance of becoming one of our lucky winners! Upload your Amazing Thailand Experience Videos and stand the chance of winning one of three coolest prizes worth a total of 59,000 Baht! ...Wait!...No video to share? Just sit back, enjoy and simply vote for your favorite videos to participate in a fun lucky draw to win superb hotel packages, all valued at 29,000 Baht.Please submit your VDO's at the Video Contest Website.

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Week Commencing 10th August 2009

Week Commencing 17th August 2009

Week Commencing 24th August 2009

Anyone for Pad Thai ?

Traveling has its perks. First, you get to travel to a place that you’ve always dreamed of going to. Second, you get to interact with the natives and maybe learn something about their culture and society. Third, you get to taste the local food and wine.

Traveling to Thailand is a “must do” if you want to experience first-hand Thailand’s exceptional food culture, especially Pad Thai as this is one of Thailand’s national “signature” dishes and is considered one of the most popular Thai foods internationally. Yes, I say food culture for Thai dining is a far cry from the typical Western dining. As a general rule when eating out, Thai’s order the same number of dishes as the people present. The more people there are, the more dishes there will be. The food will be shared between everyone. For this reason alone, it is best to eat with more people than a few, so you get to sample the widest range of dishes.

In Thailand food culture, the food is a very important part of any social event as more often than not, the food itself is a cause for celebration. A typical Thai meal would consist of four main flavors: salt, sweet, sour and spicy. Each dish should more or less represent one of the four flavors or a combination thereof. Anything less flavorsome is considered unsatisfactory.

Rice is a staple in Thai dining so is a noodle dish like Pad Thai. Pork, beef, chicken, fish, or any other seafood could be cooked the Thai way. Delicately and meticulously prepared, Thai Food is an explosion of subtle yet very distinct flavors. As with other Asian countries, a meal is not complete without the numerous little bowls of condiments: herbs, chili oil, spices and sauces.

One of the more popular dishes you will find in your travels to Thailand is Pad Thai. The word literally translates to – Thai style frying. It is a stir fried dish of Thai rice noodles, egg, and tamarind extract, red chili pepper, and shrimp, bean sprouts, tofu and banana flower. The dish topped is with roasted peanuts, raw bean sprout and squeezed lime.

The dish has evolved over the years as Thai Street Food vendors have added & changed a few ingredients. Even today the Pad Thai you will sample on the streets of Bangkok is markedly different from the dish served in Thai restaurants in the United States and other temperate continents.

One recommendation though when eating the noodle dish: eat at once when served. The literally hot dish flavored with red hot chili peppers is one dish-to-die for! Try twisting some lime on it for added flavor.

Your travel to Thailand and exposure to its wide & varied food culture will almost certainly satisfy the gourmet in you!.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Wednesday 26th August 2009

* JJ Photo Contest No.1:
JJ Market in collaboration with T.A.T(Tourism Authority of Thailand) has initiated the project to stimulate Chiang Mai tourism by the 1st JJ Photo Contest under the theme of "Green Chiang Mai". It’s time to carry your camera and make a photo shoot of Green Season and submit your photos until October 30th, at "Green Chiang Mai" for more information please contact Tel No. 053-231520-5

* Thai Massage to Worldwide:
Thai massage involves stretching and deep massage. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor in comfortable clothes that allow for movement and no oils are used. In North America and Europe, an increasing number of practitioners and teachers of Thai massage have emerged since the 1990s. In the United States, Thai massage is a growing modality among clients of massage clinics and massage therapists.

* Movie Update:

An adventure Animation movie from Walt Disney. From the Academy Award??-winning director and world-renowned Japanese animation legend Hayao Miyazaki comes "Ponyo" ,a story inspired by fairy tale The Little Mermaid. The story of on a 5-year-old boy and his relationship with a goldfish princess who longs to become human.

The comedy film casted by Vanessa Hudgens.
Plot: A new kid in town assembles a fledgling rock band -- together, they achieve their dreams and compete against the best in the biggest event of the year,"Bandslam" is a battle of the bands.

* Tech2Life : TubeMogul VDO Upload Helper:
Tube Mogul is a site where you can upload your video once, then it will send out to a dozen different video sharing sites such as Youtube, Google VDO, MetaCafe, Yahoo VDO, DailyMotion and other famous sites. This will save you about a half day’s worth of work per video you upload and have pie charts and graphs tracking each of your videos across each site. You can even email these reports to anyone you choose in order to compare notes. For further details please visit the Tube Mogul website.

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Week Commencing 24th August 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Tuesday 25th August 2009

* Punna Place @Nimman:
The grand opening of Punna Place @Nimman took place last Saturday with many activities such as Fashion Show, LIVE music, Latin dancing show, free spa. Panna Place is a new shopping center on Nimmanhaemin Road with many famous shops in there. For more information please call Tel No. 053-400300.

* 1 X Suitcase Exhibition:
1X Suitcase Exhibition has a concept of showing baggage that contained the emotional expression of art, thoughts and mental condition during the journey of artists from Singapore and Thailand. Starts from Aug 20th – Sept 11th at CMU Art Center, for more information please call Tel No. 053-218 280,053-944 833.

* Flight of the Gibbon:
Flight of the Gibbon was created by a bunch of guys keen to enable everyone access to the rainforest in the most exciting way possible. Come and experience the Flight of The Gibbon here in Chiang Mai.

* Tech2Life : Amazing Google Translation:
Just type a web URL or copy and paste the text then you can translate from any language to another. Now Google Translation supports 22 different languages including Thai. And the upcoming feature, just upload your MS word file document then let’s Google work it out for you.

Chiang Mai News Clips - Archives

Week Commencing 10th August 2009

Week Commencing 17th August 2009

Week Commencing 24th August 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 24th August 2009

* Mother’s Day @ Central Airport:
Central Airport Plaza had many activities for mothers and children on the last Mother’s day. This is another way to express the love between mother and child.

* Amazing Lanna Jao:
Recently, Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association in co-operation with TAT(Tourism Authority of Thailand), Chiang Mai Zoo, Chiang Mai Night Safari, Chiang Mai Zoo Aquariam, Thai Airways and other organizations invited all the business and shops in Chiang Mai to attend a signing ceremony in co-operation agreements in Amazing Lanna Jao Project.

* Amazing E-Game:
E-game: Questionnaire is coming to your door. Just fill in the questionnaire about your travel style, you will be eligible to win accommodation worth total 7,000 USD. The questionnaire starts from August 12th to October 12th, 2009. Please visit the Amazing Thailand website for further details.

* Tech2Life : PBS Kids (web for your children):
PBS Kids has a huge selection of interactive kid’s games, showcasing TV characters that kids love. The website is designed in flash and is one of the best children website out there. There’s so much to look at and play with on this site and your kids will be kept busy for hours

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 21st August 2009

* 2009 Wedding Fair - Love Life & Diamonds:
We take you to see feel romantic atmosphere from "The 3rd Wedding Fair 2009" that happened on August 15 at Grand Nantra, Holiday Inn Hotel under the concept of "Love Life & Diamonds".

It was an honor to have Chalermsak Suranan, Director of Tourism autority of Thailand Chiang Mai office as a chairman. This fair featured the new style of Wedding with fashion show of beautiful diamond presented by Chiang Mai celebrities. Many businesses came to attend such as Wedding Studio, Cosmetics Booths, Beauty & Salons, Jewelry shops and much more.

* Air Asia:
While other, older airlines are struggling, Air Asia passengers have increased by 20 percent in the first half of 2009, he told a business conference at Royal Phuket City Hotel in Phuket City. He would also like to fly daily direct from Phuket to Chinag Mai, to open up travel between the north and south in Thailand. Air Asia is offering a 750 baht promotion for people to go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to visit the cute baby panda, and the ticket can be used to gain discounts at resorts, too. Kaeng Ho

* Gaeng Ho - Famous Northern Local Food:
This is a dish combining an array of leftover from other Northern dishes.

This dish originated when people made a "merit"(Buddhist religious offering) for religious festivals, when they would cook, there would always be some foods left, which were then mixed together to form a new dish, instead of abandoning them. Put green bean, vegetable and glass noodle and seasoning the taste as you like. It is not that spicy and taste good even though it's made from leftovers.

* Google Seminar:
On August 22, a seminar managed by IT For Society Club. Meet with Porntip Kongchoon MD Google Thailand with lots of knowledge of Google and how to make e-Business World by using Social Media Marketing. At Pantip Plaza between 1pm-4pm. More information and reservation can be made at the IT for Society Website.

10 Top Tips - for Travelling on a Budget

Paradise doesn't need to break the bank!

Traveling on a budget does not need to be considered as challenging, it can actually be great fun, not only the enjoyment of the actual holiday, but also the process of all the booking & organisation.

If when travelling on a budget you bear these tips in mind you are almost guaranteed to have as good a holiday as the people paying full-price for everything!:

To read the full article about 10 Top Tips - for Travelling on a Budget please click here.

5 Tips to Help You
Successfully Book Travel Online

The whole world is now just a click away!

Booking travel online has never been easier, internet spending on travel is nearly 50% of ALL internet purchases, so it's HUGE business!!.

This move to internet booking & away from the traditional travel agencies has placed a lot of power in the hands of the consumer to make their own decisions & reserve their own travel arrangements.

However, in this new age of internet traveling choice it's really important that you are "savvy" to the in's & out's of the industry inorder to get the very best deals and discounts available.

Please click here to read the full article about
5 Tips to Help You Successfully Book Travel Online

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Thursday 20th August 2009

* 1st Anniversary The Steak House by Le Crystal:
"Congratulations" for The Steak House by Le Crystal that celebrated it's first anniversary on last Saturday.

The Steak House Pub and Restaurant is the modern style steak house serves you various kind of steak, French cake bakery. The Steak House opens daily from 11 am – 1 AM at JJ Market Chiang Mai.

For further information or reservations please call Tel No. 053 224 123.

* Payap Music Festival:
Last Sunday, there was a concert to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Payap University at Somsawali Building, E.C.Court Auditorium, Kaew Nawarat Campus Somsawali Building, ‘The First Asian Traditional Music Forum 2009 features performances Traditional Music from 6 countries, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, and Karen.

* JJ Talent Contest 2009:
Please check out the OpenChiangMai website to view the performances, vote and make comments.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Wednesday 19th August 2009

* Mother Day Workshop at JJ Market:
For the occasion of HM Queen Sirikit’s Birthday, JJ Market in Chiang Mai held an activity of candle lights to celebrate the Queen to bless for Her Majesty long life.

Moreover, there was a workshop how to make a garland for Mothers Day by the teachers from Chiang Mai Vocational College.

* Asian Ladies Golf Tournament in November:
Chiang Mai will stage a new Asian ladies golf tournament in November. Ms Rae-vadee unveils new development in Chiang Mai as the three new golf courses - the Chiang Mai Highlands, the Alpine Resort and the Gassan Khuntan Golf Club - will be christened with the first Asian Ladies Invitational Interport from November 2-4.

One hundred and seventy golfers from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand will play on the three layouts.

This tournament will be a big draw in many ways and it will play a major role in promoting tourism in Chiang Mai also.

* Movie Update:
Can you keep a secret?, Orphan is an INTENSE drama. Full of surprises and a bit of suspense. There's something wrong with Esther. A husband and wife who recently lost their baby adopt a 9-year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she claims to be!.
Inglourious Basterds:
Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France. In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as
"The Basterds" are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. "The Basterds" soon cross paths with a French-Jewish teenage girl who runs a movie theater in Paris which is targeted by the soldiers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Tuesday 18th August 2009

* Elephants Plowing Paddy Fields:
Last Saturday, at Baan Saen Doi Resort & Spa in cooperation with TAT(Tourism Authority of Thailand) an “Elephants Plowing Paddy Fields” event was held. The highlight of this activity was on the theme "No.8" meaning that 8 elephants from Maetaman Elephant Camp were ploughing on an 8-rai paddy field on the 8th day of the 8th month at 8.08 am!.

* Maejo University Short Film Contest:
The Faculty of Information and Communications, Maejo University in association with Thai Film director Association invites you to their Short Film contest under the topic of “Remind us of Chiang Mai” to express the comparison of Chiang Mai in the past and present.

For more information, pls call the Faculty of Information and Communications on Tel No. 053-873297 or visit the Maejo University website.

* Gymnastic Toy More Than Just PlayableToys :
Today, let’s go to see uncle “pleng” processing a toy at Ban Boh Heaw, Lumpang. Uncle Pleng is an interested handicraftsman. He can make various toys from bamboo!.

It is a creative toy and useful toy. This toy will cheerfully somersault! And it helps to children that play this toy to exercise muscle. It’s an intelligent Thai folk wisdom.

The Ancient Craft of Batik-Making
- Inspiring a Hmong Revival

"Hmong craftswomen in Chiang Mai revive an ancient art for a brighter tomorrow"

For the Hmong Hill Tribes people of the North, keeping their traditional art of batik-making alive is a key to their survival.

Each piece of cloth, coated in beeswax then dyed with an exquisite design, sells for between Bt1,500 and Bt1,800 at the Doi Pui community in Chiang Mai.

"It takes me at least one week to paint the pattern on each piece," Pra Fuangfukij-jakarn says.

Expertly drawing an intricate design on white cloth, this 58-year-old woman reveals that she has practised the art since the age of seven.

"Our ancestors have passed on the batik-making tradition to younger Hmong for generations. It's a useful money-spinner," Pra explains.
Switching from opium

The Hmong around Doi Pui used to grow opium poppies, says Pra. They switched to farming several decades ago after His Majesty the King visited the area and offered them advice and Bt200,000 to fund the development of their land.

"Since then, my family has grown fruits and vegetables. We've also promoted our village as an eco-tourism destination. That's when we began to focus more on the batik making."

Repertoire of designs:
The local artisans have built up a repertoire of more than 100 designs.

"Beginners have to follow traditional patterns but more experienced craftswomen can create their own designs."

The patterns on the fabric are drawn using a small brush and liquid beeswax. The wax-painted fabric is then dipped into indigo dye. As the dye doesn't penetrate the wax, the pattern appears after the wax is removed.

"For a cloth of a metre and a half square, the whole task takes me 15 days," Pra explains.

Source: The Nation 18th August 2009

A Piano Recital by Robin Zebaida
- Chiang Mai 4th November 2009

D & M Music Studio proudly presents:
"A Piano Recital by Robin Zebaida"

Location: AUA Language Center Auditorium in Chiangmai on Rajadamnern Road
Phone No: 081-682-8000
Date: November 4th, 2009
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Tickets: adults 300baht and students 200baht available to purchase on the night at the door at 6:30 pm or call 081-682-8000 for advance booking.

Described after a Liszt recital as 'a pianist of Herculean stamina', British concert pianist Robin Zebaida enjoys a flourishing international career. His work has taken him around the world, and particularly to the Far East, for performances and masterclasses.

Other recent engagements have included visits to Canada, Central America, South Africa, Europe and Australia, where his Sydney recital was reported as achieving 'a warmth and empathy with the audience rarely seen'. At home in London he has performed at venues including St John's Smith Square and the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

His wide ranging and versatile recital performances encompass not only standard repertoire from Bach to Gershwin but also many unfamiliar or neglected composers. Particular areas of interest include Russian music, orchestral and vocal transcriptions, and music for the left hand; these are reflected in a CD," Off the Beaten Track", on the Regent label.

In a career which embraces many aspects of music making, he also makes appearances as an accompanist, chamber music partner and concerto soloist. He founded and directs Classical Cornucopia, a group of freelance professional musicians, which made its debut in January 2007.

Away from the concert platform, Robin Zebaida's broadcasting experience includes studio recordings and live appearances on radio and television for several national and foreign networks. As a Steinway Artist he was specially chosen to demonstrate the qualities of the 'Rolls Royce of the piano world' in an interview for the BBC World Service to mark the publication of a new history of Steinway pianos.

A former recipient of awards from the Ann Driver Trust, which supports musical education, Robin Zebaida also enjoys the opportunity to combine recital tours with teaching. As well as individual coaching for pianists and chamber groups, he has given masterclasses around the globe in English, French and German for various educational establishments and under the auspices of the British Council. He also works as an international adjudicator and as an examiner for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Robin Zebaida was born and educated in London, England, later winning an Exhibition to read music at New College, Oxford, from where he graduated with maximum distinction in performance. He completed his formal studies with a postgraduate year at the Royal College of Music.

Variations serieuses, op 54 Felix Mendelssohn (1809-47)
Visions and Prophecies (1936) Ernest Bloch (1880-1959)
12 Etudes d'execution transcendante, op 11 Sergei Liapunov (1859-1924)
no.1 Lullaby
no.2 Dance of the Ghostsno.3 Carillon


Polonaise in A flat (Heroique), op 53 Fryderyk Chopin (1810-49)

Prelude in C# minor, op 45
53 Studies on Chopin Etudes: Leopold Godowsky (1870-1938)

no.5 (op 10, no 3)
no.22 (op 10, no 12 - "Revolutionary")

2 Etudes d'execution transcendante, op 11 Sergei Mikhailovich Liapunov

no.7 Idylle
no.8 Chant epique

Monday, August 17, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 17th August 2009

* Lin Ping Baby Panda:
Thailand’s latest and greatest tourist attraction baby Panda is finally given the name as ‘Lin Ping’ after receiving the highest votes. Chiang Mai Zoo made the announcement last week.

Chosen as the result of a national competition to select a name for the baby panda, more than 22 million postcards were received with over 60 percent of those voting for Lin ping - a name that means “ice forest” in Chinese.

The lucky draw of 4 people voting for Lin Ping was hold on 10 August to receive the jackpot worth more than 10 million baht, and 15 more prizes were handed to those voting for the other 3 names.

* Chiang Mai - Phitsanulok Trip by TAT:
Thank you TAT or Tourism Authority of Thailand for providing a special trip for mass media to experience an adventure route Chiang Mai - Phitsanulok.

Phitsanulok is situated on a strategic location dividing Thailands Central and Northern regions, and connecting to the Northeastern region. Phitsanulok City spans the banks of Nan river and has Kwae Noi River running through it.

Therefore, it is locally known and historically referred to as Song Kwae City means The city of 2 rivers. Most of Phitsanulok's terrain is flatlands, with one third of the area being mountain ranges on the north and the east.

It's unique natural endowments including natural parks and waterfalls make a trip to Phitsanulok worthwhile.

* Lao Jow Street at Warorot Market:
Lao Jo or Lao Jow Street is the one of shopping street in Chiang Mai located in Warorot Market or Kad Luang as it is also known meaning large market in Thai.

This street is entitled as Chiang Mai Chinatown with Chinese people living & working all around there. This is one street of business and trade for local people.

Almost all of the visitors to this market will be Thai as it is not popular for foreigner because they haven’t know there is this kind of street in Chiang Mai. With lot's of local fabric, cloths, and other gadgets for local and traveler, you should find some free time to visit and feel the real local Chinese scent and enjoy the reasonable price there.

Chiang Mai News Clips - Archives

Week Commencing 10th August 2009

Week Commencing 17th August 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 14th August 2009

* Northern Village (Handicraft Shopping Center):
Northern Village is a shopping section which is certainly worth a visit for an excellent source of high quality interior-decor products, furniture, jewelry, handicrafts, fabrics, ornaments, and art.

In contrast to the Night Bazaar ,all vendors display affordable goods of a high level of style and quality. It is an initiative to support the nationwide One Tambon One Product (OTOP) campaign to promote small business development in Thailand. Enjoy your free time shopping at Northern Village on the 1st and 2nd floor, Central Airport Plaza,Chiang Mai.

* Som Tam (Papaya Salad):
Som Tam means Papaya salad in English. This is popular in most areas of Thailand. It is made from unripened papaya sliced, green long beans, tomatoes, sugar, garlic, fish sause, peanuts, and of course hot chili peppers.

Then it is mashed up with a pestal and mortar. The two most popular types of green papaya salad have either dried shrimp or salted crab. Som Tam with dried shrimp and peanuts is called "som tam Thai". The green papaya salad with salted crab is called "som tam pbooh". But the majority of the ingredients are the same.

For a vegetarian version of som tam, omit the dried shrimp and substitute light soy sauce for fish sauce. Some people use tamarind in place of lime. Regular sugar can be substituted for palm sugar.

It is yummy dish but watch out... Because this is one of the spicier dishes in Thailand.

* Exclusive Night 21st Aug - Le Crystal:
Le Crystal, the fine French cuisine restaurant invites you for "Unlimited Exclusive Night Wine Dinner" on Friday, 21 August 2009.

Experience a degustation menu (a menu in which a series of small portions of unusual dishes is offered for tasting...) with a complimenting wine only 1,800thb net per person. The exclusive night starts from 7-10 PM.

Another promotion throughout August 2009, Free 1 bottle of French Wine when advance reservation of 4-10 persons. For more information please visit the Le Crystal Restaurant website.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Thursday 13th August 2009

* Thailand Art of Stucco 2009:
Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin Campus in co-operation with the PTI Polene invites you to attend
The exhibition of the winner from Thailand Art Stucco Contest.

This project aims to support the development of arts and culture for the social quality of life. To promote and encourage young generation to pay attention to stucco art. The exhibition starts from 6th-26th August at Chiang Mai University Art Center, Nimman Road.

* Kruba Sriwichai Monument:
Kruba Sriwichai is the holy monk of Northern Thailand. He was called as “the developer monk” because he always led people to construct and refurbish religious buildings, chedis and temples more than 100 places around Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang and Mae Hong Son.

In addition, Kruba Sriwichai and followers built the first road to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep in 1935. To honor the holy monk, there is a monument that is situated at the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain on the way to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. Every day from early morning till late night, you can find people from young to old worship for their good fortune and fate as is the traditional belief of Thai's.

This is the place that local people and tourists come to worship and bless for the good life & along with the Doi Suthep Temple is one of the most revered places in the whole of Thailand for Buddhist followers.

* Promotion from Janrawee House Detox and Spa:
Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. For good heath, Janrawee House Detox and Spa offers a 3 weeks Detox Program only 5,900 Bhat.

The 1st week with The colonic Detox, herbal steam, and detox massage.The 2nd week with Colonic Detox and rejuvenix detox foot spa. And the last week with colonic Detox with Skin Detox.

For further details please call Janrawee House Detox and Spa on Tel No: 053-212541 .

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Wednesday 12th August 2009

* 28th Lanna Flower Festival 2009:
Chiang Mai Municipality co-operates with Chiang Mai Orchid Organization Under Royal Patronage to handle the 28th Lanna Flower Festival 2009. Enjoy the beautiful Orchid, Bonzai and a variety of other flowers and trees. Start from 10th-12th August 2009 at the the Suan Buak Had Public Garden.

* Love of Mother and Child Exhibition:
Lanna Aritists will exhibit their collection for the new gallery named ‘116 Gallery’. This exhibition presents the expression of love from children to mother in occasion of the Queen’s Birthday on 12th August.

The exhibition runs from 1st-31st August 2009 at 116 Gallery, on Charoenprathet Road. Join them everyday from 11.00 a.m.- 7.00 p.m. or please their their website at "116 Gallery" or call them at Tel No. 053 302 111.

* Movie Update:
"The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3"
Directed by Tony Scott and casted by Denzel Washington and John Travolta. The plot is about armed men hijack a New York City subway train, holding the passengers hostage in return for a ransom, and turning an ordinary day's work for dispatcher Walter Garber into a face-off with the mastermind behind the crime.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Tuesday 11th August 2009

* Chiang Mai Handicraft Fair:
To commemorate the birth of H.M. Queen Sirikit, NOHMEX in cooperation with Chiang Mai Arts and Crafts Centre and Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organisation are managing a handicraft fair “Craft Design by NOHMEX”.

There are more than 400 booths of quality products from all around the country. This fair starts from 7th – 12th August 2009 at Chiang Mai Arts and Crafts Centre on Huay Keaw Road. Opposite Chiang Mai Zoo and next to Phu Ping Police Station.

* Google Seminar by IT for Society Club:
IT for Society Club invites you for Seminar under the topics Welcome E-Business World, Social Media Marketing and Google… I’m Feeling Lucky.

In this seminar, it is an honor from many famous experts; Porntip Gongchun, Marketing Director of Google Thailand, Aphisit Trunganon, deputy secretary general for Thailand Webmaster Organization, and Trawut Luengsomboon, Managing Director of Infogination Com.Join them on Saturday Aug 22, 2009 From 1pm–4.30pm at Pantip Plaza 5th Floor.

* Mother Day Promotion at Oasis Spa:
1. The most beautiful way to make your mother feel precious with a premium treatment. Give your mum a sweet pampering and make her day full of love a Sweet Pan-Darling package only 3,900++ THB.
2. Buy 1 for mother get another 1 Free.
Please contact Oasis Spa for further details.

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 10th August 2009

* Her Royal Highness Princess Siripa Chutaporn:
A shirt especially designed by Her Royal Highness Princess Siripa Chutaporn is now available at the Information Counter, Central Airport Plaza - Tel No. 053-999-199.

* Mother Day Promotion at Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium:
Special promotion for every mom can buy ticket only 100 Baht. Free ticket for mom who has a child height of less than 135 cms. This promotion starts from 12th-16th Aug 2009. For more information - Tel No. 053-893-013-7 or visit Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium website.

* Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens:
FREE visit throughout August and get the promotion for 70% discount for accommodation at the Botanic Resort until the end of September. For more information - Tel No. 053-841-234 or visit the
Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens website.

Chiang Mai Zoo
- Giant Panda Cub Finally Named!

A panda cub born in Thailand after years of artificial insemination and efforts to get its celibate parents to mate has been named in a competition, a government official said Monday.

The female cub has been called "Lin Ping" -- which means "forest of ice" in Chinese -- the name voted for by 60 percent of 22 million people who sent in postcard entries to the contest.

The cub was born in May when eight-year-old giant panda Lin Hui surprised workers at Chiang Mai zoo by giving birth, just three months after receiving semen from nine-year-old partner Chuang Chuang.

The cub's new moniker is a mixture of the first half of her mother's name with the name of the main river in Chiang Mai, said Suvit Khunkitti, minister of natural resources and environment.

"It is a very appropriate name because it has a good meaning, both in Thai and in Chinese," said Suvit.

The panda pair had shown no interest in reproducing the traditional way since they both arrived on a 10-year loan from China in 2003. The cub will officially belong to China but will stay with Thailand on a two-year loan.

In 2006, Chuang Chuang, who had been deemed too heavy to mate with Lin Hui, lost weight on a low-carbohydrate diet and was then shown 15-minute video clips of successful panda couplings, but to no avail.

Lin Hui was first artificially inseminated in April 2007 but failed to become pregnant.

The zoo tried a different approach in January, when a cold snap in the northern city prompted an unusually frisky response from Lin Hui, but again without any luck.

Giant pandas, notorious for their low sex drive, are among the planet's most endangered animals. Nearly 1,600 pandas are believed to survive in the wild in China and about 180 are being raised in captivity in zoos worldwide.

Source: AFP 11th August 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

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