Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thailand Tourism -
Some Green Shoots at Last!

BANGKOK, Nov 4 - Thailand's tourism industry, much affected by domestic political conflicts and the global economic slowdown, has now recovered with about 14 million foreign tourists expected to visit the kingdom in 2009 as earlier targeted, according to Minister of Tourism and Sports Chumphon Silpa-archa.

Mr Chumphon said that more than 9.8 million foreign tourists visited Thailand between January and September, while an average of 30,000 travellers arrived in the kingdom at Suvarnabhumi Airport every day in October.

He said that for 12 days in October, the country's main airport Suvarnabhumi welcomed more than 30,000 tourists daily.

By the end of December, the minister said, the number of foreign tourists Visiting Thailand for this calendar year will reach or surpass 14 million, the number of visitors the ministry had earlier targeted.

Mr Chumphon added that a number of charter flights landing at the country's renowned seaside resorts of Phuket ,Krabi ,Khao Lak and Koh Samui also increased in the same period, leading to full hotel occupancy in the areas.

In the northern region, especially Chiang Mai ,Mr Chumphon said he has been informed by the president of the Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association that the hotel occupancy rate there is between 65 and 80 per cent.

He said it is likely that the number will increase as many interesting events and activities will be held in November and December, the winter season, including the Royal Flora Expo to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty the King on December 5.

Source: Enews MCOT 4th November 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chiang Mai Desperate for Strong High Season Tourism

Tourism operators in Chiang Mai are desperately hoping for promising business in the coming high season as room reservations by foreign tourists are still very low and trips by local travellers are not enough to offset them.

Reservations in Chiang Mai are still very low for the November-April period as some foreign tourists have delayed their decisions due to the lingering impact of the global recession.

However, the Thai Hotels Association's Northern Chapter expects more local tourists to travel to Chiang Mai when the Weather gets Cooler .They may plan their trips a week in advance and that should help the local operators to a certain degree by the end of this year.

Kanog Suvannavisutr, the association's president, said it projected an average high-season occupancy rate at 65% at most, compared with 67% in the same period last year. For the latest off-season (May-September), the rate dropped to 36%.

"Apart from the hotel oversupply problem, global economic problems, local political instability and the H1N1 flu are key factors dragging down Chiang Mai tourism," he added.

Mr Kanog said two-star hotels survived with some bookings because their rates were low, not more than 800 baht per night, and thus attracted local tourists and backpackers.

Four-star hotels with conference facilities are also getting some business because conferences are an important market for Chiang Mai. Their room rates are modest, at about 1,500 per night in the low season. The average occupancy of such four-star hotels wa 50%, which is very good for hotels in Chiang Mai.

Meanwhile, five-star hotels are in deep trouble because they cannot compete with four-star ones that offer room rates at almost half the price. Their occupancy is only 20% as a result.

Mr Kanog said hoteliers in Chiang Mai were also facing tough competition from apartments, which draw travellers during the high season, even though the law prohibits apartments from providing accommodation on a daily basis.

"Despite complaints made by hoteliers, apartments still accommodate guests on a daily basis. This is because the fine is small," Mr Kanog said.

In any case, operators hope that the economy will improve next year. The improvement should increase the purchasing power of tourists, especially foreign ones, and they should return to Chiang Mai, he said.

Source: Bangkok Post - 26th October 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At Last Some Good News!

Total passenger traffic at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport grew by 22.4% year-on-year in September to 3.1 million.

Aircraft movements at Suvarnabhumi, Thailand's main gateway, grew 9.7% to 20,636, says Airports of Thailand. The airport's freight traffic fell 4.9% to 96,580 tonnes.

Apart from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports, AOT also operates airports in Chiang Mai ,Chiang Rai ,Phuket ,and Hat Yai.

Passenger traffic for all six airports grew 18% to 4.1 million in September. Total freight movements fell 6.3% to 101,164 tonnes.

Source: Greg Waldron - 21st October 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nursing Home for Aged Jumbos!

BANGKOK - Thailand has set up its first nursing home for elderly elephants in Lampang province, already the home of two elephant hospitals, media reports said Tuesday.

The Pang-La Nursing Home for Aged Elephants will be officially opened Nov 21, in Ngao district of Lampang, 490 km north of Bangkok, the Bangkok Post reported.

Situated on a 153-hectare plot with its own small river for elephant bathing, the shelter will be operated by the Forest Industry Organization (FIO), which also runs the Elephant Hospital in the province.

Lampang has another pachyderm hospital operated by the Friends of Asian Elephants Society, a private charity.

“We already have about 30 old and disabled elephants at the shelter,” FIO chief Manoonsak Tantiwat said. The nursing home will be able to handle up to 200 pachyderms when operating at full capacity, he added.

The nursing home will take care of the elephants “until their last breath”, Manoonsak said.

Thailand has more than 2,000 domesticated elephants, which were previously used as beasts of burden in the country’s forestry industry but are now jobless, as a result of government bans on logging.

In recent years, elephant owners have shifted to the tourism sector and begging in Bangkok to earn money off the massive mammals, that were once the national symbol gracing the flag when Thailand was still called Siam.
Source: Bangkok Post - 20th October 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Elephant Nature Park

"The Elephant Nature Park rescues and takes in abused or abandoned elephants throughout Thailand. It receives no funding whatsoever from the Thai government and depends on the efforts from volunteers and sponsors locally and abroad."

I take a flight from Bangkok heading north to the city of Chiang Mai .Thailand is the seventh stop in my travels – I have been gone 3 months.

The country is rampant with tourists; backpackers formulate a large portion of this demographic. Thailand can be a playground of sorts and I fear that far too many will only know this side of the country. However, long before the illicitness of Thailand wrangled me in, I made a point while still in Canada to look into elephant sanctuaries in South East Asia, and settled on one an hour outside of Chiang Mai: The Elephant Nature Park.

When I was younger I watched Babar with great revelry, made the elephant pavilion the first stop in every zoo visit, and held my breath with great anticipation when the giants would march in the finale of a parade. I suppose this childhood zeal dwindled with time and was replaced instead with more self-indulgent fascinations. Perhaps as an attempted homage to a childhood gone by, my travels bubbled with eagerness as it built up to my elephant encounters.

The Elephant Nature Park rescues and takes in abused or abandoned elephants throughout Thailand. It receives no funding whatsoever from the Thai government and depends on the efforts from volunteers and sponsors locally and abroad.

Lek Chailert is the founder of the park and is a woman of dynamic abilities. She is unwavering in her dedication to the animals and has made it her sole purpose in life to aid and assist the dwindling population of Asian elephants. At present date, she has over 30 elephants, 50 dogs, 30 cats and a number of water buffalo – all of which have sought refuge at her park and in turn, found a home full of love and compassion.

One of Lek's most ardent ventures is that of freeing domesticated elephants from the oppressive confines of the tourist industry throughout the country. The process by which an elephant is domesticated or "broken" is one of gross indecency and cruelty.

Lek allowed me to watch a portion of a documentary she is putting together. The footage was jarring, as it showed hidden camera recordings of a young elephant undergoing this process.

They are taken from their mothers and put into a wooden crate they so affectionately term the "crusher". They proceed to deprive it of food and water for days, all the while hacking and prodding at it with tools designed to carnage the very skin meant to protect them. They are beaten into submission and it is believed that this traumatizing hazing is the only method of ensuring the animals will obey their mahout, or handler.

Once deemed ready for use, the elephants are sold into numerous trades: logging, elephant trekking (riding), street begging and elephant painting, to name a few. All of the elephants at the park, babies exempt, have been broken and all have been used by humans in some way or another.

Many look to you through hazed milky eyes, made blind by rocks flung on slingshots as reminders of who is in charge. All bare scars, evidence of power assertion at the hands of callous mahouts. Many struggle to walk with hips or legs that resemble a clumsy piecing together of joints and bones, mangled by trade-inflicted injuries. Each have a harrowing story – such as Max, who was rescued by Lek after years as a working elephant.

His first role was in elephant trekking and was beaten, chained and abandoned after continually trying to shake off the uncomfortable harness. After escaping he was once again enslaved, this time he remained chained outside a temple for 3 years with a donation box sitting beside him. And finally he was used as a street beggar in Bangkok to entice hoards of heavy-pocketed tourists. One evening after work while being led out of the city he was struck by an 18-wheel truck and dragged 15 feet.

For me, the most shocking part of my time spent at the park was not the gravity of what the animals had endured, it was their ability to love. They treated the visitors with boisterous affection and playfulness. They bound together as surrogate siblings, parents and friends. The mahouts at the park were void of weapons and used instead body language and verbal commands as means to ensure safety.

On the day I left the park, Max lay surrounded by his friends, elephants and humans alike. He had finally succumbed to his long-standing injuries and passed away, I hope, with the knowledge that in the end, he was loved.

I rounded out the remainder of my time in Thailand by doing a Jungle Trek .Included in this two day adventure was elephant trekking. I told my leader I would not be participating and instead stayed back at the base. I wandered around in disbelief that my worst fears had been confirmed. The mahouts mounted the elephants, weapons in hand. Small axes or sticks with nails on the end were swung to and fro in such a cavalier manner I struggled to watch.

One elephant, months old and too young to be used in the treks, sauntered around unchained. I approached her and she reacted with interest and curiosity. I spent a long while with her; she wrapped her trunk around my legs and nudged at me playfully. Once she finished feeding from her mother she would be taken and broken. As she galloped around jovially, flitting a leaf through the air in her trunk, my eyes swelled with tears at the knowledge of what awaited her. I made a silent promise to her that I would do my part to help.

Author: Alison Martin

Friday, October 2, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 2nd October 2009

* Bangkok Airways "WOW Chiang Mai for Just 990thb":
One way ticket 990thb and 1,980thb for roundtrip. All Inclusive.
Booking and travelling period is starting from now to 31 October 2009 and valid for booking made on Bangkok Airways website

* Nakhon Phing Bridge:
In the past, Ton Lam Yai and Warorot Market is a trade center of goods from the rural areas. The goods consisted of agricultural produce and handicrafts, especially basketry work. With the fast growing, Nakhon Phing Bridge was constructed to connect the market to Sun Pha Koi area together. In the past, at dawn, merchants from outer districts such as Saraphi, Hang Dong, Sanpatong, Mae Rim, Doi Saket and San Kam Paeng and from as far as Lamphun Province would bring their goods to sell here.

* Tue Ka Ko (Fried Taro and Tofu):
I don't know about the history of this snack. But everybody calls it as "Tue Ka Ko".

Take taro and or black bean mix with flour nd deep fried. Same as Tofu, cut it and deep fried also. Served with tamarind sauce that put minced peanut with coriander too.

* World News : Dancing Baby Hot Hit on YouTube:
This is very hot hot in youtube. A dancing baby that cannot control himself when watching Beyonce’s megahit “Single Ladies,” watch the full version here on the YouTube website.

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Thursday 1st October 2009

* OpenChiangmai in Many Different Languages:
We are the best VDO website in Chiang Mai with many languages such as Thai, Chinesse, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and much more. Please visit the OpenChiangMai website for more information.

* Amazing Tastes of Thailand:
As the government policy to promote Thai food with topic 'Amazing Tastes of Thailand' on 21-25 September 2009 all around the country. For Chiang Mai, TAT with Ruen Kham In Restaurant to present the Northern Local Food by Executive Chef from Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel with 3 dishes; Kaeng Khae, Hin Lay and Spicy Salmon Salad.

* 6th Year Anniversary 20 Karaoke:
Are you ready for a fantasy dress up with the 6th anniversary of 20 Karaoke on this coming October 9. This party will be talk of the town with the Hollywood Star Party theme and magnificent show similar to Broadway show including many famous stars from Bangkok. Proove it by yourself with new modern style at 20 Karaoke Chotana Road.

* World News - Woman with World's Longest Nails (AP News) :
Lee Redmond who held a Guinness World Record for her long fingernails before they broke off in a car crash says it was the most dramatic event of her life.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Wednesday 30th September 2009

* The Three Kings Monument in Chiang Mai:
The city of Chiang Mai ,officially called Nopaburi Srinakornping Chiang Mai, was constructed and established as the capital city of the Lanna Thai Kingdom in 1296 by King Mengrai the Great in consultation with his two close friends,
King Ramkamhaeng of Sukhothai and King Ngammuang of Phayao.

Depicting the three kings in a friendly stance, this is one of Chiang Mai's most important monuments. Celebrations often take place in the square beside the monument in the center of the old city.

* Viangbua Mansion 5th Anniversary:
For the 5th year anniversary, Viangbua is delightful to offer special package “pay less stay more” Superior room for 1st and 2nd night 900 THB from the 3rd – 20th night only 700 THB.
This promotion starts from 1st Oct to 30 November 2009. For further details please call Tel No. 053 411 202 or visit the Viangbua Mansion website.

* Major Cineplex Movies:


The Time Traveler's Wife

* World News - 2 holes-in-one in same round (AP News):
Ruth Day, a 64-year-old woman from England just did the two holes-in-one in the same round last week, Guiness World Record or not!.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Tuesday 29th September 2009

* MADIFESTO Festival 2009:
Media Arts and Design festival(madifesto) to introduce an eccentric manifesto through a unique art scene by artists and designers to create the prologue for revolutionary media art based culturalists.

1.Minimal Gallery, Nimmanhemin soi 13
01-05 October 2009 | everyday 11:00am till midnight

2.Mute Mute Studio, Tapae Rd. (opposite to Wat Uphakut)
01-10 October 2009 | everyday 1:00pm - 9:00pm

For more information please call Tel No. 053 944846

* Khum Khantok welcomed a group of Miss Thiailand Universe 2009:
Last Friday, Khum Khan Toke welcomed a fleet of 60 beautiful women who attend for Miss Thailand Universe 2009. Everybody enjoyed dining on Northern Thai food in the atmosphere of Lanna Khan Tok Dinner with a cultural show.

* Doi Kham Resort Promotion:
Special promotion paid by VISA Card or KTC , get 1 free night including ABF.and get 40% discount for cash payment.Valid until 31st October 2009.

* World News - Dust Storms hit Sydney (AP News):
A dust storm blankets Sydney's iconic Opera House at sunrise September 23, 2009. A huge outback dust storm swept eastern Australia and blanketed Sydney on Wednesday, disrupting transport, forcing people indoors and stripping thousands of tonnes of valuable farmland topsoil.

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 28th September 2009

* Yok Intertrade new seminar room:
Yok Intertrade has a New Seminar Room to serve you for any kinds of food and bakery seminars required.

With capacity for 300 people approximately, full facilities with kitchen equipment for cooking and bakery. For further details please call them on Tel No. 053 248 248 or visit the Yok Intertrade website.

* The Hero Mong @ Japanese Paper Airplane Contest:
Mong Thongdee captured the third place in a Japanese paper airplane contest with a time of 10.53 seconds.

The 12-year-old boy lives just behind Chiang Mai airport. In an earlier exhibition, Mong's airplane stayed in the air for 16.45 seconds.

* BaanGerda - Home for HIV orphans:
BaanGerda is a children's charity that provides homes and care for HIV infected and affected orphans. The small community is based in Lopburi province in Thailand.

Unlike a state orphanage, BaanGerda has a unique family environment with foster parents looking after the children and their daily needs. A medical team is on hand to ensure that they receive the best treatment and medicine. For frther details of how you can help, please visit the BaanGerda website.

* World News: World's oldest man marks 113th birthday (MSNBC):
The Montana resident considered to be the world's oldest man Walter Breuning enjoying the celebration of his 113th birthday on last Monday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 25th September 2009

* 2nd Anniversary Tara Pub & Restaurant:
October 16, 2009, with 2nd anniversary of Tara Bar, enjoy the concert from Joe-Kong. Tickets for this event are 1,250 Baht for 4 persons.
Please call for reservation on Tel No. 053 248 059-60.

* Openchiangmai Stand @ Major Cineplex Chiang Mai:
Openchiangmai just put our stand board at Major Cineplex.
This is one of our strategy to let the people know us more.

Because we are the best VDO Clip website for everything in Chiang Mai. Easy and fun with streaming VDO, loading fast and save you time. Chiang Mai is close at your hand. Please come & visit us at the OpenChiangMai website.

* Chinese Mooncake Festival:
The mooncake festival is coming now. You can see everywhere with Mooncake. This is Chinese pastries traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival is for lunar worship and moon watching.

Many types of fillings can be found in traditional mooncakes according to the region's culture such as Lotus seed paste, Sweet bean paste, Jujube paste,five kernel, Taro Paste and popular filling in Thailand is Durian.

Mooncakes are offered between friends or on family gatherings while celebrating the festival, one of the three most important Chinese festivals.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Thursday 24th September 2009

* October Festival from Thailandfreunde Organization:
Thailandfreunde Organization will handle for the First Northern Thailands October Festival for social projects on the 17th of October 2009 at Rati Lanna Hotel Chiang Mai.

With famous TV chef Yingsak Jonglertiesdawong, the original bavarian food with a lots of fun. Entrance tickets is 250 Baht for adults, children under 12 years 100 Baht.

Fireworks starting 10.30 pm, Limbo dance contest, fire dance, magic show and much more. For more information, pls call Tel No. 085-729-4510 or visit the Thailandfreunde Organization website.

* Nakornchai Air Bus Ticket Can Now Pay at 7-11:
One of the most luxurious buses from BKK to CM. With new service you can buy the ticket easily by calling at their call center No. 02 936 0009 and pay by ATM or at counter service at 7-11. And then take the slip to receive the ticket on the departure day. Visit the Nakornchai Air Bus website for more information.

* Chedi Kiew (The white pagoda):
Chedi Kiew is situated in front of Chiang Mai Municipality Office. It is a round-base cone shaped chedi, 6 meters wide and 8 meters high.

A legend was told that once a Burmese King led his troops to surround the city and challenged the ruler of Chiang Mai to bring the best diver to compete with the Burmese. “Lung Piang” an old man was a volunteer and he was a winner because he tied himself to the post and was drowned in the river. This Chedi was built to be a monument for his bravery.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Wednesday 23rd September 2009

* Prothesis Foundation of H.R.H. The Princess Mother:
Prothesis Foundation of H.R.H. The Princess Mother Donate the trash from aluminium to remake the artificial legs at this foundation. Help the poor amputees to stand for their live. For more information please visit the Prothesis Foundation website.

* Kad Kham Tieng Market(Center of gardening & Landscape):
Kad Kham Tieng Market is the place where you can buy beautiful trees, plants and flowers to decorate your
Chiang Mai garden. Open daily from morning til 5 pm.

* Movies from Major Cineplex,Chiang Mai:

Pandorum: Don’t fear the end of the World - Pandorum!.

Taking Woodstock: A Generation Began in His Backyard - Taking Woodstock!.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Tuesday 22nd September 2009

* Promotion Shewe Wana Boutique Resort:
Shewe Wana Boutique Resort Chiang Mai is offering the following deals for visitors to Chiang Mai:
1/ Stay 2 Nights get 1 night free. Stay 4 nights get 2 nights free. Valid from Nov 1, 2009 – Apr 30, 2010.

2/ Package : 4 days/3 nights only 7,900.- for 2 persons.
Valid 1 Sep – 31 Oct 2009

* Talad Tanin (Tanin Market):
Where you can buy a lot of things. Located on Chang Phuek Rd. Enjoy shopping fresh food, fresh vegetable, sweet, snack and go for shopping clothes, bags, shoes and much more.

* Lanna Photo Club:
Where those who love taking photos come together to share tips and technique.Please visit the Lanna Photo Club website for further details.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 21st September 2009

* Northern Eco & Adventure Travel Mart 2009:
A press conference to introduce the NORTHERN ECO & ADVENTURE TRAVEL MART 2009 at IM Eco Hotel with many activities; Paint Ball, Buggy Car, Bicycle and many performance.

* Bangkok Airway Best Buy Promotion:
Special airfare for 8 domestic routes and 4 international routes. CNX-BKK one way 910thb - CNX-Samui 4,500thb - Call at 1771 for more details or visit the Bangkok Airways website.

* Chaos Art Exhibition:
Chadwick and Spector invite to Chaos Art Exhibition under the concept of “Wood Relief Installations” using different technique such as oil, silkscreen, acrylic, water color. Please visit the Look at This Gallery website for more details.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Elephantstay -
Memories to Last a Lifetime!

What makes Elephantstay different from other elephant camps & tours available all over Thailand is that the guests upon arrival are given THEIR VERY OWN ELEPHANT to care for and accompany in a variety of activities during their stay!.

It's all about the interaction between the guest & THEIR elephant that leads to an unbreakable bond that will stay with you along with the memories for many years to come!.

Please click the link to read the full fascinating article about Elephantstay

Friday, September 18, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 18th September 2009

* 60 DAYS Around Thailand Exhibition:
Kad Suan Keaw intives you for Photography Exhibition under the topic '60 DAYS around Thailand’.This exhibition will be taken place from 15-30 September at Kad Suan Keaw Shopping mall.

* Chor Muang Wedding Studio, Chiang Mai:
Last week, Chor Muang Wedding Studio had a grand opening after moving from Suthep road to their new home, located near Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. Please contact them either on Tel No. 085-032 4939 or on the Chor Muang Wedding Studio website.

* Patan Ice Cream – Local Ice Cream:
Patan Ice Cream is the Thai traditional homemade coconut ice cream. Somebody loves Ice Cream Cone but for me I love Ice Cream with bread. Put the sweet sticky rice, put coconut milk ice cream, then topped with peanut and fresh milk.....yummy!.

* Tech2Life:
Share all your information & updates with your friends using FriendFeed .

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Thursday 17th September 2009

* JJ Market:
The no. 9 is the lucky number for Thai people, so that JJ Market held an event to support the government policy to pay respect to our Majesty King by singing Thai Nation Song and Thai Royal Anthem all through the country for the last special 999 day on the 9th,September,2009. 9.09am.

* Bamboo Rafting:
Bamboo Rafting is one the most adventurous tours for those who love in the real nature and prefer to hide away from the city rush. Smell the calm stream, listen to the birds singing, touch with the cold weather of the jungle, and breath the cool natural greenery scent as much as you need. These are very fun to paddle in bamboo rafts. Bamboo Rafting is another one program you should not miss if you visit Chiang Mai.

* Kuay Salaak Festival:
"Tan Kuay Salak" means making merit by the offering items which are contained in a round bamboo basket. It involves making merit by taking necessities to temples without designating which monk is to receive them. For those who are interesting in this festival, you can enjoy at “Kuay Salaak Exhibition” at Chiang Mai City Musuem 8.30 am – 5 pm. For more information please visit the Chiang Mai City Museum website.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Wednesday 16th September 2009

* Discounts from Arcobaleno Italian Restaurant:
Arcobaleno presents you the variety of authentic Italian recipes that served through their warm, comfortable, and lovely atmosphere. They offer a 10% Discount for any bill over 1,000 Baht and 5% Discount for any bill over 500 Baht. Please download the coupon at the website at the Arcobaleno Italian Restaurant website.

* First Choice My Card:
First Choice Card had an activity for people to submit the photo contest. 10 winning photos will be shown in new music video by Boyd Kosiyapong.

* Movies from Major Cineplex, Chiang Mai :

District 9
Humans are not allowed here. In District 9 ,aliens show up on Earth, twenty-eight years ago. We got over our initial shock at discovering we're not alone in the universe and wondered what was next. Invasion? Enslavement? Salvation?.

See Your Last Breath. U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko tracks a killer in Antarctica, as the sun is about to set for six months....Whiteout .

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Tuesday 15th September 2009

* Computer Sale by Chi Chang:
Chi Chang is one of the leading computer retail company's in Chiang Mai and last week, they had an event for a special sale festival at Central Airport Plaza. Many people came to enjoy shopping for many kinds of computer, notebook and computer equipment.

* Wedding Fair at Shangri-La Hotel:
Can you imagine about the 2nd Wedding Ceremony?, How wonderful if you have your 2nd wedding ceremony with your kids on that day. With this concept, the Wedding Fair that was held at Shangri-La Hotel presented the new trend of 2nd Wedding Ceremony with all family, father, mother and children!.

* Mr. & Ms. Payap University:
Payap University had a "Welcome Freshy Festival" to make every new students felt of the unique and make relationship between junior and senior. One of highlight was Mr. & Ms. Payap University. Enjoy the show from some competitors

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 14th September 2009

* Mi Casa September Promotion:
Mi Casa September Promotion Guarantees the very best from "2007-2009 Best of Thailand Restaurants" from "Thailand Tatler" for Mi Casa, Mediterranean cuisines.

1.Mi Casa Seafood Paella for with a bottle of Spanish Wine @2,888 .- for 4 persons.

2. Mi Casa 'Happy Summer' Tasting Menu. For 3-8 course, price starts from 490-990 Bht.

Please visit the Mi Casa website for further information.

* Fun Meeting of Chiang Mai Friends Group:
Chiang Mai Friends Group is the people behind "Retire in Chiang Mai" both Thai and Foreigners to promote projects with co-operation between Chiang Mai Friends Group and other organizations or groups. Please visit the Retire in Chiang Mai website for further information.

* 3D Movie @ Major Cineplex Chiang Mai:
Come experience to see a big car jump over from the screen!. Enjoy today with new experience at Major Cineplex Chiang Mai.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Elephant Nature Park

Best known for their enormous ears, talented trunks, sharp social skills and overall heft, elephants, it turns out, are also fast......very fast.

It was a fact I probably should have had before a pair of 3 1/2-ton female Asian elephants started to rumble in my direction on a wet, grassy plain in a lush valley of northern Thailand. This definitely isn't a petting zoo.

It was a startling (albeit thrilling) reminder that I was on the elephants' home turf. I had traveled on an overnight train from Bangkok to see and experience the curious creatures in the wild - instead of at the zoo or the circus - and was peacefully gazing at several clusters of elephants when the ground started to shake.

Asian elephants still populate parts of Thailand, Burma, India, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, but their natural habitats have dwindled and the beautiful beasts are precariously close to extinction. Travelers now typically experience Asian elephants only on trekking trips where they carry passengers and luggage, or as part of choreographed and unnatural spectacles.

An exception is the Elephant Nature Park .Equal parts pachyderm preserve, health clinic and advocacy organization for the humane treatment of working elephants, the park is a learning center for those who want to get up close: feed, bathe and observe the giants and their babies. There also is a hostel for working vacationers who can help with veterinary care, conservation projects or park maintenance.

There are elephant sanctuaries in Asia, Africa and the United States, but most do not offer direct, hand-to-trunk interaction and immersion into elephant life. And few are situated in a setting as scenic as the Mae Taeng Valley, surrounded by rain-forested hills and blessed by a tranquil river. The valley serves as a dramatic backdrop for gazing over the herd as the sun goes down, as well as for waking to their trumpeting the next morning.

Sell or Beg

The nature park was opened in 1996 by Lek Chailert, who fell in love with elephants while growing up in a nearby Hill Tribe that used them for farming and heavy labor. After the government banned logging in the 1990s - the main source of employment for elephants - many were out of work, and their handlers (or mahouts), who often stay with one elephant for life, lacked options: sell their elephants to a trekking company or take them out to beg on the congested, dirty streets in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

In helping place elephants with small locally owned trekking camps, Chailert encountered animals that were struggling, without enough food or proper veterinary care, and many that were worn down after a lifetime of grueling work. She started a field clinic for treating sick and injured elephants, but it became clear that some needed ongoing medical care and a furlough so they could heal. Among the patients: a female with half of a hind foot blown off by a land mine, and a male that suffered broken bones when he was hit and dragged by an 18-wheel truck.

The need for long-term treatment gave rise to the Elephant Nature Park. Chailert and field clinic volunteers still make emergency calls to remote areas. But the park, which now has about 30 elephants, has taken on a life of its own.
Feeding time

The park is open for day visits, overnights and longer working vacations. Every stay here, however, starts the same way - with food.

Elephants are majestic and charming, but they are the earth's largest land animals and they seem to never stop eating. They ingest 220 to 650 pounds of produce and grass daily, and observing their daily intake provides a clue about the challenges involved in maintaining the herbivores' healthy diet.

So it made sense that my fellow travelers and I were introduced to the herd during their midday meal. To emphasize the weight and volume of produce needed to keep the elephants happy, our guide pulled over at a produce stand and asked us to collect their provisions. After hauling hundreds of bags of corn and bananas, hand-to-hand into a pickup in the hot morning sun, we got the point - they eat a lot.

As we walked out onto an elevated bamboo platform that juts out into the valley, we got our first glimpse of the majestic creatures. Soon about 20 of them had surrounded the platform. A roiling, gray sea of soulful faces, the elephants looked at us with eager anticipation, waved their undulating trunks and ran them along the platform, searching out morsels.

I matched up with a teenage elephant named Jungle Boy and, never having touched a real trunk, tentatively reached out with an ear of corn. He leveled a steady gaze at me as his wrinkly, gray and damp appendage deftly wrapped around the corn and gingerly removed it from my hand, slowly rolled it back toward his gaping maw and plopped it on to his huge, pink tongue.

Before I had time to grab more corn out of a nearby basket, Jungle Boy's trunk was back for more. This routine didn't stop for the next 20 minutes - ending only when the corn was all gone. Meanwhile, I patted and rubbed Jungle Boy's trunk, he kissed me on the cheek (more like a wet suction).

Next, we got our lunch: a large and tasty Thai meal on an adjoining covered platform. While enjoying some fruit and deserts, we saw the mahouts lead some elephants and their babies down to the river for a bath. As we had been told, we'd be the ones doing the washing.

Bath time

Elephants love water because it cools off their thick, but sensitive skin and they like to frolic in rivers and ponds. It turns out they also enjoy a good scrubbing with big bristly brushes and will stand by patiently while they are bathed.

So, armed with some basic instructions, a brush and a bucket, we waded into the gentle current and cozied up next to the elephants. It takes a little time to get comfortable with being close to such big animals, but after a few instructions from the mahouts, we splashed the giants behind the ears, scrubbed their sides and rubbed their foreheads and backs. We also looked at one another in awe. Were we really in a river in Thailand washing elephants?

Afterward, we mingled among the herd on a riverside beach, patting their hides and feeding them bread and learning about typical living conditions for Thai elephants. I became transfixed by a baby who was rambling around, butting people with his hairy little head. Once the baby nudged me, I wanted to take him home but figured he probably would not fit into my carry-on luggage.

As bath time came to a close, the visit became more serious. The park staff encouraged us to watch some films about the declining Asian elephant population and the brutal elephant training practices in Thailand. Mae Taeng and the surrounding Chiang Mai province is home to approximately 20 percent of the 3,000 to 4,000 elephants left in Thailand - down from 100,000 at the start of the 20th century.

If an elephant survives, its life can be painful. Traditionally, elephant owners try to break the creature's spirit through several days of tying it up and prodding it with sticks and other sharp tools until it follows specific commands. In the end, the elephant believes that it can be dominated and controlled by its owner and from then on will comply with his demands.

The films were hard to watch after seeing how intelligent and loving the animals can be. But they served an important purpose by underscoring why Chailert's efforts to change training to a more humane model needs support and funding.
Staying behind

In the late afternoon, I was on my own. I was the only one of my group to stay the night and my friends had packed up and headed back to Chiang Mai.

Soon, a heavy darkness fell over the park. The absence of electric lights outside the park's main compound made it almost pitch black. Ambling down a moonlit dirt road toward my stilted bamboo hut, I could hear elephants rustling in the distance.

The next morning I awoke to more elephant sounds and walked out on my raised deck to see a cluster of three of them tromping through the grass. Jungle Boy and an older female were play fighting and pushing each other around.

Before I returned to Chiang Mai, I was treated to breakfast and a personal tour of the elephants' habitat on what the park calls the elephant walk. My guide Jodi and I strolled out into the valley, and as the morning fog began, she regaled me with stories about the herd and its eclectic personalities.

One female elephant, Mae Elu, hasn't had any babies yet, but she's the auntie of all the calves in the herd; Maximus, who was hit by the truck while working as a beggar with his owner, is believed to be the tallest elephant in Thailand; Mai Lae and Jokia are both disabled and spend all their time together.

Mai Lae has an old leg injury and Jokia was blinded by a cruel trainer. Out on the grassy plain, it turned out that the companions that had been rumbling my way were just playing and apparently decided not to trample me into the dirt - despite everything that humans had done to them.

Sometimes progress comes slowly.

5 Unforgettable Facts About Elephants

While there are different types of elephants, some characteristics seem to be shared by almost all of them, according to "Elephant Reflections" (University of California Press, 2009), a coffee-table book by wildlife photographer Karl Ammann and author Dale Peterson. Among the more, um, odd characteristics, says Peterson, are:

1/ Elephants recognize themselves as individuals in mirrors. The experiment was done recently at the Bronx Zoo on three elephants, who, upon seeing their own image in the mirror, responded with self-referential behaviors. One elephant, Maxine, used it to examine the inside of her mouth and back of her ear.

2/ One way elephants communicate is through infrasound - sound too low in frequency to be audible by humans. Infrasound can travel through the air, through water, through rock, through forest and through the earth. Elephant infrasonic communication can take place over a distance of up to 2.5 miles.

3/ Some elephants live in matriarchies. They have family units consisting of only adult females, young of both sexes, and a leader who is the oldest and most knowledgeable female.

4/ Elephants are emotional animals. They don't weep, but they do pour fluids out of a gland located halfway between the eye and ear in times of great emotional excitement.

5/ Elephants are caring and empathetic animals. When a member of a social group falls - from illness, for instance - or becomes stuck in mud or water, others will move in and try to raise the debilitated animal to its feet and keep it moving. Sometimes adult females will care for - babysit - an infant or young elephant who has been orphaned or temporarily separated from its mother.
If you go

Getting Tere

Elephant Park staff will pick you up from your hotel or hostel in Chiang Mai. Elephant Nature Park, 209/2 Sridorn Chai Road, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand. + 66 (0) 53 818754, 818932, 272855. Email:

Where to Stay

Those who stay overnight or for longer visits stay at the Elephant Nature Park bamboo huts. Visitors can stay for up to eight days. Volunteers can stay for weeks. The huts are cozy and clean and have mosquito nets. Overnight stays include breakfast, dinner and two lunches, transportation and admission to the park plus a guide for $167.

Where to Eat

At the park. The food was traditional Thai buffet and delicious!.

Source: San Fransisco Chronicle - 12th September 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 11th September 2009

* The 8th Movie Seminar:
Faculty of Information and Communication, Maejo University, Chiang Mai invites you to "the 8th of Movie Seminar – New Media in Digital World".

The seminar about the important role of technology to adapt and use with movie industry from two famous directors Bandit Rittakol and Prutcha Pinkaew.

Pongsuk Hirunpluek, the guru in digital technology. Mark your calendar on September 19-20, 2009 at Central Airport Plaza Chiang Mai.

* LOVE STORY Concert:
Canon with GFM 89.75 MHZ had a One Night Concert 2 in the theme of LOVE Story at Chiang Mai University Convention Hall.

* Friday Recipe - Khao Kriab Pak Mor :
(Sweet dumplings from the pot's mouth)
This sweet desert is made by steaming dumplings filled with a sweet filling on a piece of white cloth to cover the top of a pot for steaming. The Filling made from minced pork, Shallot, peanuts and sweet radish. It needs some skill to wrap the steaming flour sheet.

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Lin Ping - at 100 Days Old

We'll be the first to admit it: We didn't find "Lin Ping", the giant panda cub born in late May at Thailand's Chiang Mai Zoo ,terribly cute at first. (It's nothing personal -- no giant panda is born looking particularly fetching, but they sure do make up for it as they grow up.)

But the cub recently hit a milestone -- 100 days of age -- and now, we're happy to say, she is so adorable it's almost painful to look at her. And the Thai public seems to feel the same way we do about "Lin Ping", the first giant panda ever born in Thailand. To celebrate her one-month birthday, revelers in June enjoyed a giant cake. Thai elephant keepers resorted to an unorthodox protest -- painting their pachyderm charges to resemble giant pandas -- to draw attention to the elephants' plight as the public's interest shifted toward "Lin Ping". And, when it came time to name the cub, more than 20 million votes were received.

The name Lin Ping is representative both of the cub's Chinese heritage (her parents are on loan to the Chiang Mai Zoo from China) and her Thai birthplace. The name, which translates to "forest of ice" in Chinese, honors the cub's mother, "Lin Hui", and calls to mind the name of the Ping, the river that runs through the center of Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Source: L.A.Times - 11th September 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Thursday 10th September 2009

* Franchise Rainbow Fair 2009:
For those who are looking for new business and you want to get new ideas, just go to this fair. Rainbow Fair 2009 gathers more than 50 popular franchises to introduce their advantage and opportunity if you would like to be the business owner.

The Rainbow Fair 2009 takes place from now until the end of September. at Promotion Zone, Kad Suan Keaw Department Store.

* Paper Collage Art Exhibition:
Cornelages – Paper collage by Cornelis Hoek will handle for new style of art work by paper at 116 Art Gallery.

To be presided over by Mr. Peter Van Loo, the proposed honorary consul general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The exhibition starts from Sep 5-30, 2009. You can join everyday 11 am – 7 pm. Please call Tel No. 053-302-111 or visit the 116 Art Gallery website.

* Yves Rocher Make-Up Workshop:
Central Pattana Co.Ltd. invites you to apply urgently for Yves Rocher Make-Up Workshop of the technique how to make up in new trend at Central Airport Plaza, Conference Room, 4th Floor.

The class will be limited only 25 seats per class. The 1st workshop on Sep 12, 2-5 pm. The 2nd workshop on Sep 13,
11 am-2pm. Please call Tel No. 053 999 199 for reservations.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

British Tourist Found Dead in Chiang Mai

A British tourist died of unknown cause Wednesday morning while travelling in Chiang Mai with his Thai girlfriend, police said.

He was identified as Richard James, 33.His girlfriend, Praweenuch Khahamuk, 33, told police that she woke up at 7 am to find that her boyfriend had already died.

She said she and James owned a restaurant in Mae Hong Son's Pai district and the two traveled to Chiang Mai and checked in a the Sri Phum House guesthouse Tuesday.

She said James drank beer and went to sleep before she found him dead.

His body was sent for an autopsy at the Chiang Mai provincial hospital.

Source: The Nation - 9th September 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Wednesday 9th September 2009

* September Promotion @ Tara Bar:
Special promotions for September at Tara Bar. Dewar’s Whisky starts from 799 to 1299 Baht with Free mixer until 10 pm. For beer lover, enjoy Chang Fresh Beer 99/Jar, 259/Tower. Heineken Fresh Beer 149/ Jar, 439/Tower with free snack. For further information please call Tel No> 053-248 059-60 or visit the Tara Bar Website .

* Major Cineplex Movies:

Land of the Lost
Land of the Lost is the comedy adventure movie from Universal Pictures. Story about three adults stumble into a mysterious land populated by dinosaurs and other creatures.

Numero 9
When 9 first comes to life, he finds himself in the world where all humans are gone. He discovers a community of others like him afraid of machines that roam the earth intent on their extinction. They must discover why the machines want to destroy them.

* Openchiangmai on USA Cable TV:
We are very glad that our 1st VDO "How to cook Khai Pam" (Egg Grilled in Banana Vessel) was been selected to appear on USA Cable TV.

It has been on air more than 50 times in Penslyvania, California and Montana.12TV Channel features film shorts, animation, video blogs and series. We are proud to promote and bring Thai culture and this is very useful to support Thailand tourism.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Tuesday 8th September 2009

* TCDC Chiang Mai Branch:
On Aug 29, at Dusit D2 Hotel Chiang Mai, Lanna Woman Culture Society and TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center) had signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

TCDC as a center aims to gather knowledge to facilitate the operation of business development. to settle TCDC for Chiang Mai Branch to take care of northen region.

Responsible for being as a center to exchange, study, and develop all of creative thinking. Lead to the development to the highest potential and stimulate a competitive ability of each company to add value to their product.

* Warm Up Album 10th Anniversary:
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Warm Up Cafe, they launched a project with the title “10 Years, 10 Projects, 10 Artists and 10 Thousand.”

With their alubum named "Warm up Surround" which means the co-operation of music and lifestyle from many artists through Warm up Project, Mild, Pit Bull, Dj Shaky, Ska Ranger, Shinobu and much more.

The 1st Project at Baan Piranan, the home for taking care children who had a problem of Brain Disability. 2nd Chiang Mai Foundation for the blind. And the 3rd project to donate Sports equipment and scholarships in rural area in San Kamphaeng district.

* ThreeBB 10Mbs from Maxnet:
Don't waste your time and be moody with a slow download because Maxnet gives you a new service with minimum standard broadband internet 10 Mbs. The monthly fee only 1,490.- not included VAT. Contact them to get a superb speed of ADSL at Call Center No. 1103.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 7th September 2009

* Levi’s Expert Fit Collection:
On Aug 30, at Robinson Department Store, Chiang Mai. Levi’s introduced ‘Expert Fit’, a new collection of jeans for full-figured women with complete range of sizes from S to XL and introduced Pamela Bowden as a new product presenter.

“The ‘Expert Fit’ collection livens up women’s jeanswear and compliments women’s lifestyle with jeans that let them have more fun with fashion. Featuring added design finesse, new colors, perfect cut and shaping to be a perfect match for full-figured women. Go shopping their collection at Jean dept. Robinson Department Store.

* Bangkok Airways : Best Regional Airline:
Bangkok Airways breaks another record with repeated success in winning the annual assessment of the World Airline Award as the “Best Regional Airline” six times in a row since 2004.

For 2009, the sixth, was announced earlier through the World Airline Awards poll conducted by Skytrax following the airline’s recognition on the top rank in the regional category since 2004.

Mr. Keerati Chantree, from Bangkok Airways’ Frankfurt Office, recently represented the company as he received the award at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

* Country Song Singing & Dancing Contest @ Payap University:
Every year, the Faculty of Marketing Payap University always has a “Country Song Singing & Dancing Contest”. But this year is a special one as its 25th anniversary. You can see some scene of competitors in this contest.

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A Piano Recital by Amandine Habib
- Chiang Mai 5th November 2009

D & M Music Studio proudly presents:
"A Piano Recital by Amandine Habib"

Location: AUA Language Center Auditorium in Chiangmai on Rajadamnern Road
Phone No: 081-682-8000
Date: November 5th, 2009
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Tickets: adults 300baht and students 200baht available to purchase on the night at the door at 6:30 pm or call 081-682-8000 for advance booking.

Amandine HABIB was born on March 22nd 1979 in Marseilles to a family of special music lovers: her grandmother sang the opera, her father had a passion for jazz and her great grandmother used to sing her Yiddish songs.

She began her musical studies at the Marseilles music Conservatoire where she was awarded the First Piano Prize in Nathalie Lanoe’s class and a First Chamber Music Prize in Edouard Exerjean’s class.

She met Bruno Rigutto just after obtaining her prize in Marseilles and she immediately wished to join his class.

In 2002 she was admitted into Bruno Rigutto’s advanced class where she stayed four years and obtained the Prize for Advanced Studies.She periodically continues to have lessons with him.

All along her years of training Amandine won the Children of the World Golden Trophy ,the Rotary Club Prize,and the prize for Excellence at the Arcachon contest.

Amandine Habib, while continuing her studies at the Conservatoire, decided to go to a faculty of musicology She passed her DEUG (diploma) and her licence.

She has always been very keen on travelling.She undertook studies in Ethnomusicology. In 2002 she went to Laos to study and record the music of the Kammu ethnic group.In 2003, with that master’s thesis she obtained her master’s degree in musicology with first class honours.

Amandine HABIB entered the Superior National Conservatoire in Lyon and obtained her prize.Amandine is a concert performer.She also teaches at the Conservatoire of Annecy.

During the past season Amandine had the privilege of playing a duet with Muza Rubackyte.She was invited to many festivals :

to the Mozart festival at‘Station Alexandre’,to St Victor Abbey in Marseilles, to play four hands with Guillaume Lazaro for Tomorrow’s soloists,and to the Treilles Foundation.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 4th September 2009

* Chiang Mai is in your hands Conference:
Last week, many organizations from Government and representatives from private companies, shops, restaurants and communities in Chiang Mai attended a meeting to participate in discussions about how to define the future of Chiang Mai tourism.

To discuss and try collect the information that will be lead to settle the first council that is responsible for the actions and activities within Chiang Mai. They aim to grow and maintain the development amid the beginning of economic recovery now.

* New Variations for "Sai-Aouw"(Northern Sausage):
"Sai-Aouw" is local northern Thai sausage. But it’s so boring if you have it every time the same.

Just adapt the sausage with many kinds of food to feel something difference. I give you example like "Sai-Aour Tod" - Fried Deep Sausage served with ginger, lime, peanut and other vegetable. Another menu "Kra Prao Sai-Aour" – Spicy Sausage with Basil Leaves served with warm rice and topped with fried egg. I believe this new idea are kind of mouth-watering dishes.

* JJ Dancing Concert:

* Tech2Life : Easy Piano by

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A Visit to Chiang Mai

Bangkok is the immediate choice for most tourists who think of Visiting Thailand .However, Chiang Mai has been gaining popularity in recent years as an alternative travel destination. Chiang Mai is the country’s largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand and can be found among the highest mountains in the country.

The roots of the Thai Civilization can be found in the north and has many sites of cultural and archaeological interest. Chiang Mai is the capital of the northern region and many overseas visitors use it as a base for getting to know ethnic tribes, soft adventure activities and shopping.

Thousands of people travel to Chiang Mai annually to take part in the Songkran Festival. This festival is to celebrate the entry of the sun into the Zodiac sign of Aries and is considered by locals as their traditional New Year holidays.

Aside from Songkran, the Loi Kratong or "Yee Peng" festival as it is also known in the north of Thailand is also held in Chiang Mai. The Loi Kratong festival is held around November every year. This is when thousands of people assemble banana leaf containers decorated with flowers and candles onto the waterways of the city to worship the Goddess of Water. Sky lanterns are also launched into the air for luck and to decorate the locals’ houses and streets.

If you are one of those who prefer to get in touch with nature, there at least three national parks in Chiang Mai: Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Suthep and Opkhan. The Dokmai Garden provides an introduction into the nature and culture of northern Thailand. Hill Tribe tourism and Trekking can also be done here. You can also opt to visit the Elephant Nature Park ,which is home to approximately 30 rescued elephants.

The Tiger Kingdom can be found just outside Chiang Mai, for those who would like to get close to these giant cats. It is a small tiger park that offers various packages depending on how you like to interact with these creatures. You can choose to view them safely behind fences. If you’re a little more adventurous, you can touch or play with tigers from different age groups, from cubs to adults.Tiger Kingdom is definitely a place that is worth a quick visit.

Chiang Mai houses more than 300 Buddhist Temples ,dating as far back as the 13th century. Museums, ancient ruins, national parks, waterfalls, mountain trails and other unique and beautiful attractions can be found within a half hour’s drive in all directions.

The city has something to offer everyone from nature lovers, culture vultures, adrenaline junkies and even those who just want to lie back and get pampered!.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Thursday 3rd September 2009

* Ben Chalatit @ Tara Bar:
WBC Boxing Pongsaklek VS Takahesa Last Friday, Toyota Lanna in co-operation with Yamaha Thailand handled for a WBC Boxing Champion which was a big match between Pongsaklek Kratingdaengyim and Takahesa Mattsuda at Kad Cheung Doi which was on air on Channel 7. After the match, people enjoyed the fighting of Muay Thai from 8 famous Muay Thai Boxers including the selling product and free concert from Clash, Zeal and actors from Dan Dara.

* Nok Smile Package Thai Boxing @ CNX:
Nok Smile Package 3 Days 2 Nights with Air ticket only 6,000thb. Learn the ancient art of the world’s famous Thai Boxing in Chiang Mai. With Nok Smile Package.

Experience the real Thai Boxing or Muay Thai taught at Lanna Muay Thai Boxing Camp or Kiat Busaba boxing camp. Learn techniques of correct and safe fighting from the professional trainers and stay in the defined selective hotel.

Let your exclusive holidays be an unforgettable one. For further details & reservations, please contact Tel No. 02631-3444 ext 2

Tech2Life : Asian Movie & Drama Feeder .

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Wednesday 2nd September 2009

* Pai:
T.A.T.(Thailand Authority of Tourism) Mae Hong Son office organized a trip to share experience of Mae Hong Son in the theme of “Amazing Green, Amazing Travel in Mae Hong Son”. This trip featured to remind the travelers that they can visit Mae Hong Son throughout the year with different feelings in each season.

"Warm your body with your lover in Winter", "Touch the bright sunny and clear sky in Summer" & "Feel the amazing green in rainy season". Because this is a paradise for the natural lover.

* One-Two-Go Airline Promotion:
Buy any round trip tickets with One-Two-Go by normal fare, you can get one way ticket free. And other special free conditions. Free Seat Selection. Free food & drinks. Free Telephone & Online Reservation. Free hold Baggage and Fuel Charge. Everything Free at One-Two-Go . Make a reservation today at One-Two-Go Airline or call Tel No. 1126

* Movie from Major Cineplex Chiang Mai:

1. Gamer
The brand new movie Gamer is a Science Fiction action thriller set in the not too distant future when gaming and entertainment have evolved into a terrifying new hybrid. Humans control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online games: when people play people

2. Final Destination 4
This is the 4th of famous horror movie series, Final Destination 4. After a teen's premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their end.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Tuesday 1st September 2009

* ETC Concert @ Warm Up Cafe:

* Asia Books Invests to Celebrate it's 40th Anniversary:
Asia Books, Thailand's finest English language bookstore chain plans to mark it's 40th anniversary by investing over 20 million baht to kick off its celebration campaign, entitled “Asia Books on Chapter 40”.

They will open 2-3 new bookstore outlets this year, including Asia Book branch in Central Lad Prao and Bookazine branch at Chiang Mai Airport. It also plans to penetrate the North-Eastern region in the near future.

* 6th Anniversary of 20 Karaoke:
Prepare yourself for fantasy dress up with the 6th anniversary of 20 Karaoke on October 9 with the concept of Hollywood Star Party.

This party will be the talk of the town because of the magnificent show similar to Broadway show including many famous stars from Bangkok. The new modern style of 20 Karaoke is waiting to arouse your body and soul!. See you there on October.

* Tech2Life: Jet Audio - Ezy Record Sound:
Use JetAudio to record your favourite music from the Internet. Just down load from the Jet Audio Website Start with record button, click at Stereo Mixer and then start recording, it couldn't be simpler.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Monday 31st August 2009

* 12th Japan Exhibition:
Last week, Chiang Mai Ratchaphat University, Japanese Program had and event of the 12th Japanese Exhibition at Central Airport Plaza. Featured to acknowledge for art and culture of Japan such as Music, paper folding, game and painting.

* Book Fair Festival:
Last week at The National Library of Chiang Mai there was a Book Fair Festival. In this fair, there were a lot of people who love reading with many activities such as Book Sale, creative paper cutting, and drawing. Good reading is a great wisdom. The more you read the more you open your world.

Tuk-Tuks in Thailand

No self-respecting photo gallery of Bangkok would ever be complete without showing at least one photo of Tuk-Tuks.

These 3-wheeled motorbikes are used as a mode of public transportation in major cities throughout Thailand, much like you would use a taxi. Tuk-tuks in Thailand are named so because of the sound that their engine makes.

To read the full article about "Tuk-Tuks in Thailand" please click the link.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dokmai Garden
- Food for Mind and Body!

Dokmai Garden is a new venture that has recently opened it’s doors in Chiang Mai, Thailand and aims to offer a gastronomic feast for both your body & mind!

Situated in southern Chiang Mai (in the Hang Dong district), Dokmai Garden covers 24 rai (4 hectares, 10 acres), and displays 800 tropical plant species,130 edible plant species, and a pond containing 25 types of Mekong fish.

The garden itself is the brainchild of the Seehamongkol family, and on any given day you could bump into members of at least three generations of the family around the gardens.

To read the full article about Dokmai Garden,Chiang Mai please click here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chiang Mai News Clips
- Friday 28th August 2009

* Wat Chedi Luang:
Even today some 450 years after being damaged severely in an earthquake, Wat Chedi Luang stills cuts an imposing figure across the Chiang Mai skyline.

This temple is also home to the "Pillar of the City",a totem used in ancient Thai fertility rites, because the temple itself marks the exact center of Chiang Mai.

The tree is inhabited by a guardian spirit known as "Prueksa Thevada", an all knowing sage. The Inthakhin Festival fertility rite lasting for 7 days takes place each year during the months of May or June.

This observance ensured unity within Lanna society gave protection from siege and warfare and made certain that the rains would fall at the proper time so that farmers’ crops would be abundant in the fertile fields. Rumour has it that IF the tree should ever die or be removed, Chiang Mai will suffer a disaster of biblical proportions!!.

* Khao Lam:
Khao Lam is the sticky rice, mixed with coconut milk and grilled in a bamboo trunk. There are different recipes. You can use either black or white sticky rice. Some will also have black beans. The white in this picture is egg custard. This dessert is flavoured with coconut milk & is utterly delicious!.

* Tour Business & Guide Conference:
The Office of Tourism Development in cooperation with Tourist Business and Guide Register Office, Ministry of Tourism and Sports will handle for a conference of 4 regions to clarify the standard of tourist business and guide.

The conference for North region will be taken place at Chiang Mai University on September 4th 2009.Please either visit Their Website or call Tel No. 02-259-8595-7.